Take an ordinary 'coat hanger pole', the kind you see in antique furniture stores... you can hang your overcoat, your hat, or perhaps an umbrella on it. But if you are 15 year old Facundo Kramer, you perform an amazing circus act on one! An ordinary coat hanger pole...and an extra ordinary teen!

Facundo Kramer is the son of CoCo and Rosana Kramer, who are professional circus performers. He was born in Argentina, but has spent most of his life here in America. He also has an 19 year old sister, Elayne, who is a very talented contortionist, and is presently in Europe with their mom performing in a circus.

201104191512330While Facundo has been in the circus all his life and has had some small roles in the shows, this year, 2011, marks his first ever major act. It is a clever combination of hand balancing and contortion which is performed atop of a 6 foot pole, which is built to resemble a coat hanger pole.

His act has been choreographed with special music, dance moves and a difficult gymnastic hand balancing routine. He has been working on his act for only a few months, and describes it as being “in the early stages”. He expects to do some fine tuning in the next couple of years to enhance both his skill level and to create more of a “storyline” for his act. But he has already mastered the all important technique of good eye contact with the audience and has a fantastic “ring personality” and smile!

Outside the circus ring, Facundo is just an ordinary teenager. During the off season, his family lives in Palm Bay, FL. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, most of whom are in the circus. He and his family are especially good friends with the Martin Espana family, whom they often work with. He is in the 9th grade level in school, and in his geography studies, he generally has few problems. What ever country he is studying...chances are that he , someone in his family or circus friends have been there! He is also getting quite good at math...future agents beware!

Like most circus youth we interview, his favorite food is a good pasta dish. For music he enjoys hip hop...a passion NOT shared by his dad! When they are traveling to and from circus dates in their RV, he and his dad have an agreement... 3 hip hop songs...then 3 selections of his dad's choice. It seems to work. While most circus people use miles describe their long trips (in circus lingo called “jumps”) ..Facundo's dad calculates his trips in the number of hip hop songs he must endure!

After the Circus Hollywood dates, Facundo and his dad are off to Germany for a few weeks, then it's back to the good ol' USA and a summer long gig in Atlantic City, NJ. where they will be rejoined with his mom and sister.

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